Analysts and those involved in intelligence operations have a powerful new alternative

Big Data

The demand for timely, high resolution, and increasingly accurate datasets will continue.  Imagery and elevation data can now be collected with multi-cm accuracy. LIDAR and FMV data stores are in Petabytes.  Geoweb3d, with its scalable GPU centric architecture, will keep pace with the industry and fuse these native datasets together in real-time for unmatched visualization and analysis.

Its not as much about big data, as it is about making big data useful.


Full Motion Video

Former Joint Chiefs Vice Chairman James Cartwright at his recent talk at GEOINT 2011 was very clear about the increasing importance of Full Motion Video.  He stated that “the utility of a still image today is not particularly useful on the battlefield.  FMV and the pattern of life is what we want to see.” Geoweb3d can fuse massive feeds of FMV and fuse it will all other geospatial data in real-time, including LIDAR.

Watch some of what Geoweb3d can do with FMV   Learn more



Geoweb3d in unmatched in the industry for LIDAR visualization, analysis, and geospatial fusion with the ability to load over 1 billion native points for interactive use. It can load and spatially manage the las data with such speed, it is now a pageable item not unlike imagery or elevation data.  Geoweb3d can both measure and perform pixel accurate viewshed analysis on the native point cloud data.  Users can project photos and FMV atop the LIDAR for real-time texturing of the most rapid and accurate geometry available.

Watch some of what Geoweb3d can do with LIDAR



GEOINT users need highly accurate analysis to complement effective 3D mapping. Geoweb3d, leveraging the latest in GPU technology, provides for pixel accurate viewshed analysis and measurement. Performance and accuracy is irrelevant to scene content and works directly on raw point cloud data.
Watch the following youTube videos demonstrating this powerful analysis.
LIDAR and 100,000 buildings Urban, rural, and dynamic content


Getting close to the sensor

Time critical intelligence implies an analysis workflow close to the sensor. Preprocessing and data restructuring prior to use introduces delay. Geoweb3d has the ability to fuse big data sources of FMV, imagery, LIDAR (native and vector extraction), SIGINT, and others in native formats for visualization and analysis.  A rapid tactical response to derive actionable intelligence will benefit from accessing the data in theater without restructure.



Fusing the disparate sources of data amongst different organizations and agencies is critical for operational use and to gain timely intelligence. Geoweb3d can import most all formats and containers without the need to convert the data and reducing accuracy.
Geoweb3d embeds both an html-5 browser engine and ArcGIS Engine for unsurpassed interoperability with all Web enabled geospatial applications and those using ESRI formats, containers, and ArcGIS Server.