Rapid and accurate 3D visualization and analysis for Defense solutions


Increasing the preparedness of the Warfighter

Geoweb3d can provide the most rapid and accurate geospecific visualization and analysis mapping engine to those training, preparing for, or currently in theater.

The founders have decades of Defense mapping and Image Generation experience and have a thorough problem understanding of the modern needs and interoperability concerns of todays Defense visualization.

3D geospecific visualization directly from GIS source data

3D geospecific visualization in support of Defense applications continues to require the source data to be altered and preprocessed into an offline generated database for performance and encoding advantages.  This has been the source of high cost, long turnaround, data inaccuracy, and diminished scalability and interoperability within Defense visualization.   For those applications requiring time critical planning, training, and unparalleled scalability, Geoweb3d offers a geospecific scene generation and analysis solution that makes this unnecessary.

For a discussion on the advantages of removing the offline database, the opportunity for increased interoperability, and the method for leveraging these existing databases in Geoweb3d.   Read More

Domains that can leverage the Geoweb3d visualization:

  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Battlefield Visualization
  • Situational Awareness


In most cases, Defense applications are part of a larger solution. Standards and formats compatible with Geoweb3d:

  • Raster and vector formats of GDAL/ OGR
  • Raster Product Formats (RPF) such as CADRG
  • Controlled Image Base (CIB)
  • Multiresolution Seamless Image Database (MrSID)
  • OpenFlight
  • USSOCOM Common Database (CDB)
  • US Army Tactical Terrain Visualization System (TTVS)
  • Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)

Rugged Terrain Visibility Analysis

YouTube Preview Image


Users can use the very latest imagery, elevation data, vector data, 3D models, charts, etc to  immediately visualize, reference, and analyze any geographic area  on earth in a matter of minutes.  Both raster, elevation and imagery, and vector data can be reprojected on the fly.


3″ imagery or .125m elevation data – no problem, drop it in.  Vector datasets that include every tree, utility pole, power line, tower, or accurate 3D building – no problem, drop it in.  Datasets are not approximated or thinned with artistic license for performance workarounds as with an offline database!


For many defense applications, the Software Development Kit (SDK) offered by Geoweb3d could be the solution.  Unique requirements, custom interface challenges, and other conditions often associated with mature Defense solutions will require the Geoweb3d technology to be integrated into other applications.

The SDK is also available for a trial period, complete with examples and documentation, for those wanting to prototype its benefits and capabilities. Please contact Geoweb3d to arrange for download.