Common Operating Picture

Next Generation Situational Awareness

Geoweb3d can fuse together large, high resolution, native geospatial datasets with real-time feeds providing users a tool for collaborative planning, prevention, and time critical decision making.

Single picture of what is where

Providing a consolidated and integrated single picture of what and where things are happening is vitally important.

It is easy to use, presents information effectively, and fuses disparate datasets from a multitude of static, server, and feed services.


2D falls short

For the most effective and intuitive visualization of an area of interest, modern 3D technology must be included.  2D plan view maps with legends can be, in some cases, a very effective presentation of the data but in many circumstances it falls short.  For example, urban areas with vertical real-estate and subsurface utilities breaks down quickly in 2D.  Geoweb3d combines 2D mapping and 3D visualization within one application allowing the user to choose the most effective mapping for the particular area and task.


Inside and out

Building facades and planview maps are not effective for the display of elevator shafts, stairwells, or the contents of the 14th floor.

In Geoweb3d, select a building and peel away the exterior.


Fusion with real-time feeds

For an effective COP, you need much more than geographic visualization and analysis.  Users need to integrate and display disparate data sources and feeds from across the different agencies for effective communication and display.  Geoweb3d can import various feeds formats:

Geoweb3d Feed Reader

The feed reader is a capability of Geoweb3d to import and define any XML feed at a user defined refresh rate. Examples include Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL), geoRSS, and most others.

ESRI Tracking Server

Support for ESRI’s tracking server product is provided for the direct import of dynamic ArcGIS Server data feeds.

Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)

A high performance feed mechanism allowing for the network transmission of very large dynamic datasets.


Project Live Video

Geoweb3d can import hundreds of simultaneous video feeds and project them into their correct geographic location.  It provides intuitive and effective presentation of live video when compared to clicking on each icon and watching in a new window. As the user navigates throughout the area of interest, each video is in its correct location.  It can be readily fused with all other GIS content and dynamic feeds.

Watch a video of this capability   Learn more


Geoweb3d is an ideal application to fuse the many disparate data sources and facilitate timely decision making by assembling and consolidating the information in an easy to use, easy to view application.

It has the ability to fuse the large geospatial datasets with high performance on commodity hardware and to fuse this geographic underlayment with real-time feeds from a plurality of sources.  Having the web and ArcGIS built into the application extends the interoperability and scalability.

Download a more thorough whitepaper on using Geoweb3d as a COP