Increasing productivity and lowering costs


GIS users for too long have been limited by 2D mapping.  Game quality 3D visualization and analysis is now possible and has never been easier or more capable.  Just drop in your native GIS data and style by attribution.  ESRI users can use their native formats and those using Web GIS and Web Services have a new powerful tool. Make the transition from “I think I understand” to “I see”.
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Geoweb3d can modernize the 3D visualization and analysis of many of today’s Defense solutions. Eliminating all pre-processing of geospatial data and removing the offline generated database can increase interoperability and decrease delay and cost. Areas such as training, planning, rehearsal, C2, or situational awareness can now leverage gaming quality, performance, and the highest of accuracy.
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Big data needs powerful 3D visualization and analysis.  Geoweb3d fuses the largest of disparate datasets, including LIDAR and Full Motion Video, on the fly and includes pixel accurate analysis.  Users needing high accuracy, time critical results, and cross agency interoperability to make the most informed decisions have a powerful alternative.
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AEC, Planning, and Design

Users from AEC, planning, and design can integrate CAD and GIS data like never before.  Modern, cost effective, and highly capable 3D visualization and analysis increases the understanding and effectiveness of communication for development, planning, and design-build across the various trades.  Users can scale from the smaller CAD footprint and properly fuse their design into the broader geocontext.
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Situational Awareness

Geoweb3d can assemble and synchronize disparate operational and geographic data, services, web content, and feeds together in one application for collaborative planning, training, awareness, and response management.  It provides a consolidated picture of what and where things are happening.
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Geoweb3d is ideal for those involved in geospatial simulation. Whether importing web feeds, commanding tens of thousands of cars and people from a simulation model, or integrating synthetic tactical entities across a battefield for M&S, Geoweb3d provides turnkey support.
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Emergency Management

Geoweb3d provides a solution that can modernize the planning. training. and responder capabilities of local, state, and federal agencies.  Whether at a state fusion center or in the hands of those in the field, Geoweb3d will increase the geospatial awareness of the area with its fusion of disparate GIS datasets and real-time feeds.
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Media, Entertainment, and Gaming

Gaming quality 3D geospecific visualization has never been more cost effective, more accurate, or more in demand.  Transition from the laborious, proprietary, storyboard solution to a modern, scalable 3D geospatial solution.  Use the Desktop application or develop atop the 3D engine SDK to create a new application.


Utilities and Communications

Geoweb3d can modernize the planning, management, and monitoring of infrastructure and assets to increase efficiency and lowers operating costs.  Fusion of the latest imagery, elevation, LIDAR, web services, real-time feeds, photos, and video persistent surveillance with all existing GIS data in its native 3D environment will increase preparedness, effectiveness of decisions, and in a more timely manner.



Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry has complex, 3D big data and needs to maximize innovative technology for timely, efficient, and accurate analysis.  Geoweb3d can further integrate this data with that of other organizations and geosciences to maximize informed decisions.


Facilities Management

Facilities management is effective consolidation of knowledge and disparate datasets ranging from inventory, building data, utilities, landscape, photos, and so forth.  Geoweb3d, with maximum interoperability and native ESRI support, can fuse this data into an effective operating picture.  Facilities are inherently vertical and need to levarage modern 3D visualization and analysis.