Geoweb3d Desktop and an SDK for developers

Geoweb3d Desktop

Advancing geospatial visualization and analysis is about making it easy to use, making it work with all the different formats, and to maximize the effective communication of users data.

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Easy to use

The User Interface is extremely intuitive and is what app users now expect. Users do not need to know anything about 3D modeling.  Load your data, style the appearance, save it and share it – that’s it. Forge those apps with endless small buttons, complex dialogs, and high learning curves – this is the opposite.



Supporting most native GIS formats

Users no longer need to convert or restructure their data in any way.  As the data changes, so will the visualization.  Most raster, vector, kml, web services, and 3D model formats are supported. ESRI users can load MXDs, use their geodatabase, and access ArcGIS Server content.  Data is reprojected on the fly from any of the thousands of supported coordinate systems.
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Gaming quality and performance

Geoweb3d has been built ground up leveraging the latest in video card GPU technology and developed exclusively for geospatial 3D visualization and analysis.  It is not a repurposed application nor a CPU-reliant architecture developed before gaming technology was mainstream. This is the best of GIS and the best of 3D.
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Interoperability and scalability

Users need the seamless integration of the disparate GIS formats, feeds, containers, and delivery mechanisms that vary amongst users, organizations, and agencies.  Geoweb3d, through support of standards and modern software design, will scale with the industry. Those users confident that a currently common format will not be replaced are the ones trying to find the dvd drive on a tablet.
The only constant in this industry is change.



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To learn more about the Geoweb3d Desktop product, its features, and how it is different than the other virtual globes and 3D GIS applications, click here.



Geoweb3d SDK


Integrate the 3D Engine into your application

Do what you do best.  Don’t burn your time, money, and possibly your market advantage by developing your own 3D geospatial visualization as an underlayment.  We have already done that and will continue to provide revolutionary advancements with each subsequent release. Don’t own that part of your problem. Do what you do best and integrate it with best in class 3D.
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