Highlighted Features

Advancing 3D GIS

Realistic Water

Gaming quality water is the latest improvement to increase the visual quality of the 3D geospatial visualization.  Water is now just another representation of polygonal data, such as from a Shapefile or geodatabase. The water includes correct lighting, reflections, and controls for  depth, wave height, and speed  are provided. Screenshotsvideo, and more information



Geoweb3d is unmatched in the industry today for loading and rendering massive point cloud datasets and fusing them with disparate GIS datasets at highly interactive frame rates.  Utilizing the latest in GPU technology, LIDAR data is no longer too big or to slow for immersive 3D GIS  visualization and analysis.
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3D Stereo

With the click of a button, immerse yourself  into the visualization like never before. With no additional hardware required, it has never been easier or more cost effective to step inside of your geospatial data.
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Icons and Labeling

Geoweb3d now supports icons and labels for GIS data, dynamic feeds, and Kml.  As another representation of data, icons and labels offer a clear method to visualize and effectively communicate datasets including popup balloons and full connection to attribute data.
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Web Imagery Services

A powerful new feature is the ability to use Web Mapping Services for imagery. Geoweb3d makes loading new sources of streaming imagery as simple as a single click.  Examples are the ESRI basemaps, Bing Maps high resolution aerial imagery, OpenStreetMap, and Google Maps.
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Version 3 now includes a new web based dashboard for controlling many new features of the application. Single clicks can load a recent project, select a new WMS basemap, access GIS data on the web, and much more. It is the progression of Geoweb3d’s tighter integration with all things web.
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Project Photos and Live Video

The video and photo fusion capability has been enhanced in version 3.  Project unlimited photos, including those not georeferenced, into the 3D visualization.  Hundreds, or even thousands, of video sources can be fused into their native geographic setting.  Texturing scenery is no longer an offline process. Video and more information